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Subsidium has worked with hundreds of companies from dozens of industries and verticals and have learned that our process and expertise is transferable to any enterprise that is challenged in managing their digital transformation or even just the tactical day-to-day management of technology inventory and infrastructure.

Industry Expertise

We do, however, have certain vertical market expertise that includes inside knowledge, deep experience, and understanding of the unique needs of these industries that create added value and an expanded scope of how we can help.


Having to find the right service providers and solutions for multiple retail locations so that all of your stores operate the way they need to is challenging. Technology advances at a breakneck pace, but you don’t want to have to change providers or technologies every few years.

When you bring Subsidium in at the beginning of your transformation, we ensure you have a mix of providers and solutions to choose from that will serve your retail locations with technologies that won’t outdate themselves in a few years. Plus, our operation overlay management, project management, and support teams hold your providers accountable to your contract to ensure you get the outcome you expect.

Retail industry payments


Your industry moves fast, and if you fall behind it impacts your ability to compete in the marketplace. Your workday doesn’t allow for the time or bandwidth to understand which providers and technologies can best serve your business, so you need a trusted advisor that can define who can serve you well and help you complete your digital transformation.

We step in and use our years of experience and knowledge to present you with the right mix of service providers and solutions that will serve you for years to come. Once you select your providers and technologies, our team remains on your side throughout the entire implementation process and lifecycle. We hold service providers accountable to your contract and make sure they don’t take any shortcuts, so deliver and execute your expectations.

Manufacturing industry

Public Sector

Navigating the technology lifecycle and digital transformation is confusing enough, but Public Sector entities have the added challenges associated with rigid procurement processes and requirements, and difficult constraints like buying from approved technologies from approved vendors through murky government contracts.

We can simplify the RFP process for you or help you quickly find the best technology and vendors from your approved contracts, giving you confidence that you have a best-of-breed solution while remaining compliant and accelerating the process so you see value faster.

Public sector industry

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