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About Viptela

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Viptela’s WAN technology solutions provide access to the cloud with operationally simple and scalable SD-WAN technologies that easily extend into the public cloud environment. With a centralized controller, the enterprise only needs to define a policy once, and those policies are applied across any end-point in the cloud or on premise. This approach provides the enterprise with flexibility of consuming computing infrastructure and resources as needed. Enterprises will be able to utilize a combination of private/dedicated and public internet transport for resilient access to and from the public cloud resources. This is particularly beneficial when thinking of Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) or Azure Virtual Network (VNET) as a data center or branch that isn’t on premise, but reachable through a hybrid WAN. Viptela’s Secure Extensible Network overlay extends into the public cloud environment and allows the enterprise to build a mesh of IPSec tunnels between any cloud endpoint automatically. It also has app-aware routing capabilities that can be used to classify and send traffic over multiple transport links. End-to-end VPN segmentation across all hybrid cloud access end-points allows isolation between workloads, accessible and available in the public cloud, and extends that isolation all the way to the branch and data center.