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About Verizon

The world grows more connected every day. Each connection is like an open invitation to attackers looking to breach your business. As a company’s attack surface grows, managing risk becomes more important—and complex. Verizon’s nine global Security Operations Centers analyze billions of events for our customers. And with over a decade of experience producing our annual Data Breach Investigations Report, Verizon has the credibility and expertise to help define what a secure enterprise truly looks like. Visibility – One of the largest global IP networks, offering unprecedented insight into security threats Threat intel – Analysis of over 345,000 security incidents and 12,000 data breaches Forensics expertise – The ability to correlate cyber threats quickly and efficiently Security portfolio – An array of detection, defense and business continuity capabilities Vast coverage – Enjoy dedicated access supported by an extensive global IP backbone Reliability – Prioritize critical applications with customizable Quality of Service Ease of use – Simplify WAN connectivity and policy management while increasing visibility Contact us below if you are interested in exploring Verizon.