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About Aryaka

Enterprises are evolving and so are their networks. As enterprises struggle to keep up with such trends as globalization, cloud computing, mobility, and the Internet of Things, enterprise networks are being stressed to the breaking point. The pressures cause the most problems over the WAN. Congestion, latency, jitter, and a range of other problems combine to degrade application performance. With more applications moving to cloud datacenters, networking problems threaten to grind global business traffic to a halt. Aryaka provides on-demand WAN networking and application acceleration services for the mobile, cloud-enabled, data-driven global enterprise. Aryaka has built the world’s first and only global, private, optimized, secure, and on-demand network, which replaces costly, legacy solutions, such as MPLS, CDN, and WAN optimization appliances. We have built our optimized network upon a global footprint of points of presence (POPs) located within 30ms of 90% of the world’s enterprise users. Contact us below if you are interested in exploring Aryaka.