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SIP/MPLS Dynamic for $3B Grocery Retail Enterprise

The Challenge

A $3B Grocery Retailer in the northeast was seeking to reduce costs, improve reliabilityandimprovecontroloveritstelecommunicationsassets. Theretailer maintained the typical telecommunications footprint in the stores with a T1 for data and analog lines for voice. In the course of building a datacenter, they were seeking to maximize redundancy for improved network reliabil- ity.

The Solution

Partnering with Subsidium, the retailer was able to develop and execute a detailed plan that leveraged several technologies to deliver a reliable, next generation network, at an optimal price. Starting with stores, we worked with the carrier and the customer’s telephony vendor to reduce the number of analog lines with a migration to dynamic SIP/MPLS service. Additionally, we diversified the allocation of stores to carrier points of presence and edge routers. At the customer’s data center, we delivered diverse fiber paths’ combined with wireless Microwave access service to support the MPLS and company headquarters.

The Return

  • Significant Reduction in Analog Lines with dynamic SIP/MPLS service.
  • Elimination of higher switched usage costs with converged implementation.
  • Improved diversification of service with Fiber, Microwave, and Carrier diversity.
  • Gained greater control over telephony routing with portal control.

Working closely with the customer and its vendors streamlined the process of design, selection and implementation of the converged communications network. This yielded the customer an innovative solution with greater reliability, more control and lower cost.