We’re the Team Behind Your IT Team

About Subsidium Technologies

We’re the trusted partner that IT teams rely on to help them quickly but carefully navigate the complexities of the technology landscape and achieve extraordinary results beyond the sum of their own internal resources and capabilities.

What Does That Mean to You?

Trust is Earned.
Here’s How We Do It.

We understand that while trust is critical to our role, it doesn’t materialize overnight. And so with every action and interaction, we operate with integrity, honesty, and in the best interest of our customers as we help them work towards a better future-state for their telecom and IT infrastructure and guide them toward making sound decisions.

How We Act as Good Stewards of Your Technology Investment

The key to the successful outcome of a telecom or IT infrastructure project lies in your ability to assess the landscape of potential providers and solutions, negotiate great rates and terms, and avoid the kind of pitfalls in implementation that cause mistakes and delays. That’s why Subsidium places a premium on the kind of knowledge, insights, and market intelligence that only comes from extensive real-world experience. We share our experience with our customers so they mitigate the risk of failure and exceed their expectations for success.

  • Our experience with technology solutions and vendors over 20 years in business
  • Hundreds of transactions and 50 aggregate years of experience
  • Tools and resources to guide technology decisions

The amazing thing about technology is not just how it connects people or enables businesses to achieve great things, but how quickly it evolves and expands our capabilities. It’s tempting to want to be on the bleeding edge of technology in hopes of gaining a competitive advantage. But, adoption must be balanced with pragmatism. We take a measured approach to advising our clients when evaluating next-gen and emerging solutions and vendors, but we never confuse being methodical with being complacent. Finding that sweet spot takes an expert like Subsidium.

  • We don’t jump on emergent technology until it’s proven
  • We won’t push technology or vendors with bad track records or culture
  • Conscientious and detail-oriented, we do our due diligence and mitigate risk
We consider our relationship with our customers to be our most valuable asset. We protect that by working in their best interest first and foremost, and being their advocate and advisor. To be an effective advocate, you have to operate with integrity at all times. To be an effective advisor, you have to deeply understand your customer’s needs and then tell it like it is when it comes to solutions. We take great pains to earn and keep our customers’ trust and make them feel like we are working together toward a common goal.
  • We operate with full transparency
  • We are ultimately accountable to you and your team, not vendors
  • Our consistency and longevity proves our reliability

Professional athletes are operating at the highest levels of their respective sports. Their training, nutrition, and coaching is all focused on optimizing their performance and getting even fractions of a percentage improvement, because that’s what it takes to win at that level. While IT departments are certainly capable of managing telecom and IT projects, they turn to Subsidium when they want to achieve optimal results. That’s because we’re invested in their success and we’ve designed an engagement approach that ensures outcomes reach the top tiers of success.

  • Our internal operations team is focused on optimization
  • Innovative design and high touch support gets better outcomes
  • We’re ready to fight for you every step of the way

What Does it Cost Us to Work with Subsidium?

Subsidium is compensated for all services in scope where we are the agent of record by your chosen supplier or suppliers as a monthly incentive to keep you running at peak efficiency and controlling costs. For all items out of scope where Subsidium is not the agent of record, including contract negotiation, adds, moves, changes and ticket escalation, Subsidium will invoice customers a variable hourly rate depending upon chosen service.

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