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VoIP users turning to hosted services

Businesses have relied on voice over IP providers for years, utilizing products and services to perform voice communications over their respective networks. But recently, studies show that businesses are turning to hosted communications providers for a number of telecommunication services.

A report last month from Infonetics – a national telecommunications research firm – stated that hosted PBX and unified communications revenue climbed 33 percent in 2011. This indicates that businesses are shifting from hosting their own telecommunications services to an off-site hosting provider, freeing up bandwidth and optimizing functionality.

Despite the growth in hosted services, on-premise VoIP is still the primary service, as noted by Diane Myers, directing analyst for VoIP and IMS at Infonetics.

"The hosted services side still makes up a relatively small portion of the overall business telephony market," Myers said.

However, it is believed by some experts that this fact will not remain true much longer. The number of businesses that opt for hosted services may still be relatively small, but it has grown from virtually nothing in the last couple of years. If the 2011 statistics indicate a growing trend, hosted VoIP could soon become the preferred method of use.

Hosted VoIP provides a number of advantages for businesses, in addition to freeing up bandwidth. Hosting provides businesses with the ability to easily adapt the service, adding or removing features to accommodate business changes. Many hosted services providers offer 24-hour service, ensuring constant peak performance. Troubleshooting can be conducted remotely, preventing extended downtime should any service requirements arrive.

Businesses that rely on VoIP for telecommunications may want to look into hosted services as a cost-effective way to build efficiencies. Subsidium Technologies offers a variety of hosted VoIP options for business.