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Small businesses can benefit from VoIP

Voice over IP providers have been dealing with large corporations for years, offering top of the line voice solutions for enterprise communications. Today, small businesses are seeing its benefit and are assisting in an explosion in new VoIP purchases.

Recent reports indicate that small businesses are a growing customer base of VoIP solutions, joining their enterprise counterparts who already utilize the service. Research by organization In-Stat projected that 80 percent of all businesses will leave their private branch exchange systems for VoIP systems by the end of 2013.

"By 2014, VoIP users could number 139 million worldwide," said telecommunications expert Ari Rabban. "By switching to VoIP services, small businesses have been gaining traditional-style phone features for a lower monthly cost."

Many small businesses are now understanding that implementing a VoIP system can dramatically increase the functionality of their current systems, and in many instances, decrease current spending. VoIP systems can offer enterprise-esque services such as interactive menus, call waiting and call forwarding, which can help improve the relationships between business and customer. Small business understand the importance of each customer, and anything that can enhance customer experience is a plus.

The other advantage that VoIP affords small businesses is the ability to connect via the cloud. With voicemails and contact lists available in the cloud, small businesses can access information required for communications from anywhere, including their mobile phones. As more small businesses turn to their personal smartphones to assist with daily business tasks, the ability to access information needed for business is a major benefit.

Small businesses looking for VoIP systems to fit their needs and their budgets should consult business technology firms to gain the knowledge and resources needed for such a purchase. Subsidium Technologies offers many VoIP solutions for small businesses.