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Why businesses should use the cloud

With all the talk about cloud computing and its future impact on business, there has been less explanation as to why people need it.

Michelle Maitais, tech writer for the LA Times, wrote yesterday about the growing number of cloud services. She explained that as more solutions become available – Google Drive being the latest to make headlines – that more businesses and consumers who don't own a cloud solution will start wondering if it's time to get one.

Maitais wrote that there are still people who email documents to themselves just to have it available on another device. She noted that many times people will accidentally leave an important file on a device without making it accessible somewhere else. This is where the cloud has value.

"If you've ever been out living your life and thought, 'I really could use that file off my computer at home,' there's a cloud with your name on it."

This is crucial for businesses. In an uncertain economy, where many businesses have to work extra hard to stay afloat, it's not uncommon for employees to take their work home with them to ensure the success of their company. With all the back and forth travel of important business files, employees carry a high risk of leaving something saved one place when they need it in another. The cloud can change that, by providing a secure virtual storage locker for important information that any device can access.

Maitais wrote that many cloud solutions offer a certain amount of storage space for free, but for businesses that want the comfort of knowing they can store and access any amount of information without losing anything, a paid solution would be more beneficial. Subsidium Technologies offers many cloud solutions that can give businesses the ability to store and access all the information they need.