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New technology allows businesses to use alternative workspace

In a struggling commercial real estate market, many business owners are forgoing the use of traditional office space and opting for innovative alternatives. WIth advancements in cloud computing, voice over IP and video conferencing solutions, alternative workspaces are becoming a viable option for businesses.

According to a recent report from serviced offices broker Instant Offices Ltd., the shared and serviced workspace sector has increased by 10 percent in each of the last three years. This means that through technology and other resources, companies are finding ways to conduct business without having to use a traditional office to bring employees together under one roof. By doing this, businesses save on rent, utilities and infrastructure, without sacrificing productivity and communication. This is especially important for small businesses, who are constantly looking for cost saving strategies.

"Technology advancements, the omnipresence of the online marketplace and mobility over the past decade have permanently altered the way small businesses operate," said John Jordan, president of the Global Workspace Association.

Many predict that business operations will continue to trend this way. Recent reports suggest that office space vacancy remains increasingly high, while small business owner confidence has risen.

Today, alternative workspace environments simply need an internet connection, allowing employees all over the world to connect in a virtual setting. Information can be shared via cloud computing solutions, even if employees aren't in the same building. Voice over IP gives employees an opportunity to establish voice connections without needing a traditional phone hookup, which many alternative workspaces might not provide.

Small business owners who are interested in alternative workspaces may want to invest in the appropriate technology to operate in one. Subsidium Technologies offers many solutions in areas such as Voice over IP and cloud computing, allowing businesses to operate without being tethered to a single location.