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Implementing top communications technology could add eight weeks of productivity

A new study suggests that the implementation of various IT solutions can build such high efficiencies that productivity can increase by as much as almost eight weeks a year.

A study conducted by Webtorials – an IT educational services provider – surveyed decision makers at 267 large enterprise companies, and found that reducing the costs of IT was the most important priority for businesses. However, it was discovered that enterprise companies who have not implemented top communication tools are spending an excess amount of time and money by not efficiently using communication time.

The study found that knowledge workers in IT departments at these organizations spend over half of their day conducting routine communications tasks. According to those surveyed, the breakdown consisted of 1.41 hours trying to contact other individuals, 1.44 hours trying to find important business information, 0.58 hours handling unwanted communication like spam and solicitations, 0.81 hours duplicating communications and 0.85 hours attempting to schedule meetings.

The survey found that by implementing top communications technology like a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) based unified communications system, productivity in knowledge workers could increase by as much as 23 percent, or 1.21 hours per employee per day. That averages out to roughly 7.87 weeks a year. Based on the average salary of surveyed employees, businesses can save 13,000 dollars per employee per year if productivity is increased to that level.

"Too often we send an email to follow-up on a voice-mail, or spend time sending a text to see if someone is immediately available," said Wes Durow, vice president of global marketing at Sonus, a telecommunications provider. "Our communication modes have been discrete for too long and the opportunity to bring them together to drive personal productivity is immense."

Subsidium Technologies offers SIP-based communications systems that can increase productivity and cut unnecessary business spending.