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Faxing may live on through the cloud

As cloud computing grows, older technology services like faxing, once thought to be extinct, may be finding a new venue.

According to online publication eWeek, healthcare organizations are beginning to use the cloud to host FoIP, or fax over IP.

The practice involves documents such as prescriptions or invoices being sent without having to utilize traditional fax machines. Medical equipment company Barnes Healthcare Services is taking advantage of the new technology and leading the migration to cloud-based faxing.

Barnes is using a product called Foxcom Anywhere, which allows them to continue receiving purchase orders and sending invoices without being burdened by their aging fax machine. The new solution allows Barnes to save on paper costs, protect the environment and increase efficiency.

Ben McLendon, IT director at Barnes Healthcare Services, spoke of the advantages with eWeek.

"The big advantage is, we don't have to maintain the physical circuits anymore for phone traffic," McLendon said.

By eliminating the need to fax over a phone line, Barnes can utilize that resource elsewhere, saving money along the way. With the increased popularity in voice over IP technology, companies like Barnes can eventually eliminate standard phone lines altogether.

Analysts predict that this new technology will only improve in the future. As more vendors and healthcare organizations begin implementing this service, greater functionality is expected to be added. The ability to transfer documents via mobile phones already exists, and it is believed that it's only a matter of time before that concept is integrated into this service, further enhancing the business relationships between users. 

Subsidium Technologies offers a wide range of both cloud services and modernized fax functionality such as email faxing. These solutions are designed to increase document transfer efficiency and build productivity in organizations.