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Viruses and spyware pose serious threat to mobile devices

As virus and spyware protection providers continue their efforts in response to the Flashback trojan that infected over 600,000 macs, a new threat to business technology is is rising up: mobile device malware.

For the last couple of years, businesses and consumers have been migrating their daily operations from traditional PCs to mobile devices and tablets at a rapid rate. With a bevy of business telecommunications solutions now available, business employees have been using mobile phones to connect to the home office and share data. Smartphones and tablets were once considered a safe haven from cyber attacks, but now hackers are using the mobile revolution as an opportunity to inflict damage on a whole new sector of devices.

According to “Naked Security,” an online publication from anti-virus software developer Sohos, phones running the Google Android operating system have been the biggest victims. Reports by Sohos indicate that malware is infecting Android phones by users downloading clones of Angry Birds Space and Instagram, two very popular apps that run on the Android operating system.

A Naked Security blog post indicated that a Russian website offering these applications is providing the malicious clones.

“If you download your app from this site, rather than an official Android marketplace such as Google Play, then you are running the risk of infecting your smartphone,” wrote Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at Sohos.

While Google works to fix this issue, the threat still remains. Other smartphone and tablet operating systems carry the possibility of an attack, and more relevant business applications could be the next targets. For businesses utilizing smartphones and tablets as part of their daily workflow, it is recommended that they invest in virus and spyware protection software. Subsidium Technologies offers solutions that can protect all devices and machines from attacks.