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Louisiana Parish approves video conferencing equipment for courtroom

The Lasalle Parish in Louisiana will soon be innovating their judicial approach by implementing video conferencing equipment to interact with individuals who are summoned in front of a judge.

According to local paper the Jena Times, the Lasalle Parish Police Jury approved the purchase of the new system for the parish’s courtroom. The technology will allow arrested individuals to appear in front of a judge for bond hearings and arraignments, rather than have to appear twice in person at the Jena courthouse.

Judge Christopher Peters explained that the system will cut down on transportation costs for those who would have to travel to the appear in front of a judge.

“If that person is being held in a jail other than the parish jail, then the Jury and sheriff’s office has to pay for transportation to and from Jena for the person to appear in court,” Peters said.

The new technology promises to deliver a high return on investment. In 2011, the Police Jury and sheriff’s office combined to spend roughly $38,000 on travel costs. With the new technology, those costs will be significantly reduced. Judge Peters said that he expects the video conferencing system to pay for itself in the first year.

Although the primary use of the video conferencing system is to limit travel for hearings, the court anticipates other uses as well. There is hope that the new technology will allow interaction with school systems in the parish, and that courtroom officers can provide educational experiences to students by showing them the daily operations of a courtroom while the students stay in their classroom.

If this program is successful, many other public offices are expected to emulate it to improve efficiency in various operations. For offices looking to implement video conferencing technology, Subsidium Technologies offers a wide range of solutions to fit every need.