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VMware helps professionals understand the value of the cloud

As business continues its migration to the cloud, an increased importance is being placed on the proper understanding of cloud services. To ensure a smooth transition from traditional computing to cloud computing, VMware is launching a program to help professionals gain this understanding.

Today marked the introduction of VMware Accelerate Advisory Services, an initiative designed to help IT professionals learn more about the cloud service, with the desired effect being that businesses will be led to purchase the correct cloud solution for their needs.

The major challenge that the program hopes to overcome is providing businesses an answer to why they should migrate to the cloud. Placing an emphasis on the importance of cloud computing is believed to let IT professionals understand why they should evaluate such a solution.

The importance ties in with the technological advancements being made across various departments in all industries of business. Many companies are looking to host advanced telephone systems and push data from stationary machines to mobile devices. Many cloud solutions offer this service.

Future cloud solutions are expected to have even greater functionality as newer business practices increase their reliance on the service. As VMware increases its cloud offerings, there is hope that the beneficiaries of their educational service will grow to become partners for future leadership opportunities.

"VMware Accelerate helps IT leadership measure, define and guide the transition from technology steward to business partner, so IT can most effectively help business serve customers and create competitive advantage," said Carl Eschenbach, VMware chief operating officer and co-president.

As businesses build upon their knowledge of cloud services, they are expected to increase usage. Subsidium Technologies offers the latest in cloud computing services, designed to host their various business technology and telecommunication solutions.