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New Maine law expected to level telecommunications playing field

Maine-based businesses in the market for telecommunication solutions will soon have a wider variety of options. A new law will give all vendors, including both POTS (plain old telephone systems) and VoIP (voice over IP) providers the same opportunities to sell their product and service their customers.

On Thursday, Maine Governor Paul LePage signed a new legislation into law that will change the way telecommunication providers operate in the state. The law will change regulations on various sectors of the telecommunications industry so that all providers will be regulated the same way. This is expected to create a common ground between all vendors, regardless of their products and services.

"This bill is an excellent example of what our administration promised to do," Governor LePage said in a press release. "This legislation reduces red tape and regulation, and puts all telecommunication providers under the same set of rules."

The law came as a response to the constant advancements in the telecommunications industry. As new technology becomes available, providers of the latest and greatest products may have an advantage. Some providers may have more flexibility to adjust their prices or service offerings based on market trends, and if they are regulated differently than those who lack the resources, the level of fairness is compromised.

As the effects of the law play out in the coming months, more states are expected to emulate it. As this happens, providers of telecommunications equipment are expected to increase, and with a common set of regulations, will rely on the quality of their products and services to set themselves above the competition. Subsidium Technologies offers solutions such as POTS and Voice over IP for businesses that are looking for the right technology to fit their needs.