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Verizon’s new policy forces new customers to install traditional landline phone systems

Those who wish to enjoy Verizon's DSL services for high speed internet without being tied to an unwanted landline may be out of luck. The communications provider will soon be implementing a policy that ties any new internet installations or changes with a required landline voice solution.

The policy, which goes into effect on May 6, will put an end to what Verizon referred to as a "naked DSL" service. All new customers will no longer be able to only purchase Verizon's internet service. Users who currently subscribe to naked DSL won't have to purchase a landline phone service, but will if they relocate or make any other changes to their service such as speed upgrades.

Verizon maintains that this is a positive step, hoping that their new and current customers will see a benefit in subscribing to a landline voice solution. They will be offering perks such as jumble package discounts to those who subscribe to both DSL and landline voice solutions. However, many fail to see the value in the policy change and are baffled, including Karl Bode from online publication DSL Reports. 

"This is quite a surprising and bizarre step backwards for the telco," wrote Bode.

That sentiment is echoed by many who believe that telecommunications technology is evolving to a place where basic landline voice solutions will not be necessary. Many businesses and consumers are switching to progressive technologies such as mobile devices or VoIP solutions, and believe that the age of the traditional landline is over.

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