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Advancements in mobile technology increase telecommunications spending

Businesses will continue to increase their spending on IT solutions this year, with figures expected to reach nearly $4 trillion. As spending continues to grow, the telecommunications industry is leading the way.

According to a report by tech researcher Gartner, the largest growth in IT spending this year will be on telecommunications equipment. U.S. businesses are expected to spend $472 billion on such equipment in 2012, up nearly 7 percent from last year.

Experts say that the numbers make sense, due to the drastic evolution in telecommunications technology in recent years. Enhancements in Voice over IP and video conferencing solutions have made this technology a smart investment for business. Many are willing to spend extra money if gives them the means to increase business efficiency. However, the biggest reason for increased telecommunications spending is believed to be the improvements in mobile technology.

These improvements have increased the demand for mobile devices within businesses. This need assisted in a 10 percent increase in mobile revenues last year. Analyst Glen Saunders believes that the advancements in the mobile industry will continue, further changing the way businesses buy telecommunications solutions.

"2011 was a year marked by significant industry change which has set the scene for even more rapid and complex developments that will impact customer mobile purchasing decisions and usage over the next 12 to 18 months," Saunders said.

As smartphones grow in both functionality and popularity, and more businesses shift to mobile devices as a means for business communication, telecommunication spending is expected to remain a high priority within IT departments. Subsidium Technologies offers solutions that enable businesses to keep employees connected via mobile devices, ensuring that high telecommunications spending offers a strong return on investment.