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Apple’s OSX system infected by malware

For years, businesses that utilize Apple's Mac line have managed to avoid the need for virus and spyware protection, but that is now changing. A vulnerability in Java has led to a malware infection in OSX, Apple's desktop operating system.

This is based on a report from Dr. Web, an Anti-Virus firm based out of Russia. According to the report, over 550,000 machines have been infected, the majority coming from North America. The report states that the malware hits a computer in the form of a Flash Player update, and once users complete the update they are at serious risk for infection.

Apple released an update to their system this week to counter the virus attack, but many are worried that this could be part of a larger issue. The concern is that this occurrence dispels the idea that Macs were impervious to viruses, traditionally a major selling point for Apple's popular line of computers.

Businesses who chose Apple as their computer vendor to protect their important data are coming to realize they aren't as secure as once thought.

"This refutes claims by some experts that there are no cyber-threats to Mac OS X," said a representative from Dr. Web. Other Anti-Virus vendors have made similar claims in the past, but many were ignored, thought to be nothing but a ploy to push their own product. However, Dr. Web's report has educated users on the matter, revealing that threats to the Mac operating system are very real.

As Apple continues to develop security updates, they have recommended users to purchase anti-virus software to protect their machines. Subsidium Technologies offers virus and spyware protection solutions designed to keep local machines and networks safe from malicious cyber attacks.