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Mobile printing may save the printing industry

The digitization of data was once believed to stop traditional printing as a standard business practice, but it may not be happening as fast as once thought. The rise of mobile devices and tablets has spawned a new trend in business technology – mobile printing.

Many mobile software developers are creating applications that will allow content displayed on handheld devices to be printed on standard printers. This is an ironic development in the business technology industry, because it was once thought that mobile computation would end the practice of traditional printing. When mobile development turned into tablet development, users were suddenly given mobile access to content on a display that was similar in size to a piece of printed paper. It was assumed that printing would no longer be necessary.

"No one in the printing industry, or outside it, had any idea that the iPad would come along and destroy three- to four-thousand-year-old human traditions concerning paper," explained Gary Peterson, chief executive at Gap Intelligence, a San Diego-based research analysis firm. While Peterson remains certain that the tablet has hurt traditional printing, he remains cautiously optimistic about the industry.

Peterson believes that mobile printing will keep the industry going in the short-term and that its concepts will be the key to the future of traditional printing. He believes that by developing better printing applications on mobile devices, users may be able to again see the value of printing content to paper.

By implementing mobile printing, employees can use their devices to print on the go, saving time and energy that was normally spent printing from a computer. Subsidium Technologies offers mobile printing solutions so users can use their smartphone and tablet printing applications to send documents to a printer within the office.