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Office infrastructure costs decrease with the use of VoIP technology

As businesses continue to adapt to the current economy, many are saving on office space and infrastructure by using advanced communication technologies such as cloud computing or Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to bring employees together virtually rather than physically.

VoIP allows users to connect phone lines through the use of the internet, replacing the traditional workplace phone system known as POTS (plain old telephone systems) and eliminating the need to be tethered to an office.

SmartBusiness spoke with Ken Fanger, president of Solar Systems Networking and VoIP user, about the advantages his business has experienced by switching to a VoIP system.

"The biggest advantage for us is we are able to use the VoIP solution combined with forwarding to our cell phones so we don't have to have our people tied to a phone system," Fanger said. "We aren't usually sitting in an office."

By using VoIP, companies are able to alleviate the burden of high office infrastructure costs while maintaining a connection to the physical office for consistency. A VoIP system will connect employees all around the world, but will tie them to an office’s area code, allowing customers to think they are speaking to someone at the home office.

Fanger explained that he has an employee in Texas connected to the VoIP system, so when he calls customers they see an area code associated with the Ohio-based office. This allows him to save on physical space without losing customers by alienating them through long-distance relationships. By cutting office expenses without losing business, his VoIP system has presented a strong ROI.

VoIP has proven to be a smart investment for small businesses who desire geographical flexibility and wish to save money on office costs. Subsidium Technologies is a business technology consulting firm that offers high end VoIP solutions to help businesses prioritize spending and grow through a tough economy.