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Fleet businesses can save big money with hosted contact centers

Companies that rely on large fleets of vehicles to operate their business have been hit hard by rising prices for tires and gasoline in the past few years. Unfortunately, at least as far as fuel costs are concerned, the trends are showing no signs of subsiding.

There are other ways that these businesses can save money, though. Many companies that use fleets have a call center to handle orders, customer service, technical assistance and service requests. But, in order to have an in-house call center, businesses need to hire, train and manage staff, as well as purchase and integrate equipment.

That's why many businesses have taken advantage of hosted contact centers, which not only cost significantly less than in-house answering services, they can also improve a company's overall efficiency. Hosted call centers help eliminate or lessen capital expenditures and offer flexible payment plans by either restructuring current payments or allowing for a pay-as-you-go system.

Additionally, hosted call centers are great for businesses that are open 24 hours, seven days a week. While it costs a premium to have staff work overnight and on holidays, remote contact centers offer the same service all the time for the same price.

With so many different service providers to choose from, businesses should be sure to seek guidance from trusted consultants that can help them pick a solution that is most practical and cost-effective for their operation.

To be sure that they are receiving the best help available, company decision makers should reach out to leading business technology consulting firm Subsidium Technologies. Their experts will be able to help a business with procurement and project management, conduct a design and risk assessment of their operation and offer ongoing review of business needs and new technologies.