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Improve productivity with adequate innovative technology and employee training

Unified communications can provide businesses with countless benefits. Many organizations that operate out of multiple locations have some form of point-to-point connectivity between each branch. Companies that use traditional legacy circuit-based telephony systems may find that a new IP-based solution is not only more efficient, but also could save money.

Of course, adding technology like voice over IP (VoIP) or upgrading Wi-Fi connection can improve audio and video conferencing, but only if employees are trained to use it effectively.

Donna Wells, CEO of, an online training platform, wrote in an article for that while innovative technology can help businesses, they must not forget how important it is to prepare workers for its implementation with plenty of guidance. Obviously, training will require additional upfront expenses, but Wells wrote that businesses need to understand that if enough is put into the technology as well as employee training, they will be able to generate more revenue in the long run.

She added that workers using new skills they've learned in the previous two years should constitute for 20 percent of a company's annual revenue. An example of this could be sales generated by video conferencing with an international client.

That being said, Wells explained that new technology needs to be added in moderation and businesses shouldn't invest extensive funds towards training.

"You should spend up to the level where you achieve that 20 percent metric," Wells writes. "And the good news is that training is following a Moore's Law of its own: great training can be delivered with fewer people and dollars than ever before."

In order for companies to make sure that their employees are adequately prepared to use new telecommunication platforms and turn it into a profitable venture, they should seek assistance from leading business technology consulting firm, Subsidium Technologies. Their experts will help with the planning process, as well as post implementation training.