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Report shows U.S. businesses losing trust in IT staff

When company decision makers have a problem with their technology, they often turn to their IT staff. But, with such a large, growing selection of technology and telecommunication solutions, the IT department may not be the best place to go for guidance.

"There are so many new variables entered into the equation today – cloud computing, mobility, the trend towards bringing your own device, video conferencing," vice president of research at CompTIA, a non-profit IT trade association, Tim Herbert, told Wired. "When you add those in, there is definitely concern that IT staff is still catching up."

In a survey of 500 bosses and IT managers conducted by CompTIA, 93 percent of the respondents said that their IT department doesn't have the skill level that company leaders would hope for, and only 56 percent said that IT staffers skills were "moderately close" to where they needed to be.

Businesses that take advantage of unified communications and hosted IP services can replace a lot of the responsibilities of IT departments. If any systems need to be updated or require troubleshooting, the service provider can perform any maintenance remotely.

Additionally, IT departments may not be particularly helpful when businesses are looking to integrate new IP-based telecommunications platforms, as they likely understand that their positions may not be as important with the new system. Even if they do share their knowledge about new unified communications technology, they may not be able to adequately assist in the implementation planning stage.

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