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SIP trunking a great solution for quick, reliable transfer of video, audio and data

Voice over IP (VoIP) telephony systems offer a lot of benefits to businesses that have remote offices and telecommuting employees, but without any modifications, VoIP platforms can only transfer audio information. Another option that organizations should consider implementing is session initiation protocol (SIP) trunking.

Businesses that are currently using a private branch exchange (PBX) – a point-to-point telephone system between their offices – can connect an SIP trunk which not only allows them to utilize VoIP, but they can also transfer multimedia components such as video and data. If a company is still using a traditional PBX phone system that is circuit based, SIP trunking may prove to be a cost-effective solution that is more reliable and efficient than public switched telephone networks.

An SIP trunk takes a company's plain old telephone service (POTS) and integrates it with its internet connection. A company that uses SIP trunking for POTS line aggregation is essentially blending its data and voice transfer systems into a single line. With that, businesses can save money by eliminating the need for a series of different hardware and services.

Companies can reap the benefits of VoIP without ditching their old telephony system, and by combining voice and data transfer services, costs can be cut significantly. According to integration technology news source, SIP trunking can save businesses more than 50 percent of what they previously paid for telecommunication services each month. Additionally, there are dramatically reduced long distance charges.

Businesses that are interested in learning about the many other benefits an SIP trunk can provide should be sure to consult leading telecommunications agency Subsidium Technologies. Their experts will perform a design and risk assessment, and recommend the best solution for a company's specific needs.