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MPLS a sweet solution for businesses looking for improved communications

A significant number of businesses have been turning to multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) in recent years to make their data communication lines process data faster and more efficiently. The way the technology works can be a bit confusing, so understanding how it can help business processes could be the reason more companies have not taken advantage of it yet.

Word has been spreading about the benefits MPLS has provided businesses, and the technology is expected to only become more popular in the near future. Technical market research firm In-Stat predicts that $2.4 billion will be spent on MPLS technology by 2015.

For those that are not quite sure what MPLS is, the tech gurus at Network World used a lollipop factory to simplify how it works. When data is sent over the internet, it is transferred as a package that has two parts – the data itself and instructions that tell routers where and how to get it to its destination. These packets are just like Tootsie Roll Pops, the data is the Tootsie Roll and the shell is the instruction list for the sake of the metaphor.

If a factory is going to sort the pops by flavor, it would need a machine that can determine what color each pop is. But, that can be difficult with strawberry and cherry pops, since they are a similar color, so there would need to be another machine that can analyze the chemical make-up of each one. This is similar to the way that traditional IP routing systems work, which is slow and inefficient.

An "MPLS lollipop sorting machine" would perform all of this analysis at the beginning of the process and label each pop right away, so extra machines are not needed to sort them later on. With these detailed labels, factories can actually make different brands of pops just as easily, where that would have required another analysis step with the former system.

Businesses that are interested in faster and more reliable connectivity with MPLS should take advantage of the nation's leading telecommunications agency, Subsidium Technologies, which can help companies further understand how they can benefit from systems like this and consult them during the implementation planning process and beyond.