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Hospitality industry can benefit from upgraded telecom tech

Businesses in the travel industry are often required to connect, collaborate and communicate with other entities all over the globe. Companies within that sector that specialize in hospitality services need to have particularly efficient telecommunication processes if they want to vie for an elite position among their competitors. Outdated telephony and collaborative platforms can be unreliable, and for businesses that provide a service that depends on optimum customer satisfaction, poor accessibility can make the company appear to be unprofessional.

Luckily, there are a myriad of contemporary telecommunication solutions that are available to these entities, though choosing the right one can be difficult. Northwind, a developer of hospitality software since 1978, offers one of these solutions with its Maestro Enterprise Property Management (PMS) hotel software.

Maestro PMS is a cloud-based hosted storage and backup system that businesses can integrate to replace their old physical, in-house servers.

"We perform system backups and upgrades in our secure network operations hosting facility," Warren Dehan, Northwind Maestro PMS president, said in a press release. "This is a valuable service that lets operators focus their attention on guest service and revenue generating activities. New staff can also learn Maestro more quickly because they can train from their browser from any location."

Tim Belcher, assistant general manager of Legacy Hotel & Conferences, said in a statement that his business has been able to replace the duties of their IT staff since maintaining and resolving problems with the system can be resolved by the hosted storage provider. This has allowed his company to focus more resources on customer service.

Businesses that are looking to improve their own telecommunication systems should first contact a professional technology consulting agency before beginning their implementation planning process. With their evaluation and unbiased advice, decision makers can rest assured that they are investing in the best possible solution for their company.