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Tech trends that businesses should keep an eye on

Business owners may have good intentions when it comes to upgrading their office's technology, but with trends changing as fast as the seasons, it can be hard to keep with the latest innovations. Knowing which of these devices and programs are worthwhile investments and which specific versions are the best and most practical for their business's specific needs can be even more complicated.

If a company is interested in upgrading their technology, they shouldn't take on the task without help. The best way to approach implementation planning is to discuss the situation with a telecommunications consultant agency first. These professionals will conduct a design and risk assessment of the current systems that are in place, and help business owners go through the process of planning, purchasing, installing and maintaining new technology.

Before talking with one of these professionals though, decision makers should do their best to pay attention to the trends that other businesses are using as new tech solutions.

An increase in companies that have employees who telecommute is expected as the baby boomer generation is starting to reach the point of their lives where mobility and health can become an issue.

"The majority of boomers are at or near the highest rung of the corporate ladder they're likely to achieve," Kate Lister, a telecommuting researcher at Telework Research Network told "The raises, promotions and accolades that once motivated them have been replaced with thoughts of retirement, aging parents, mortality and 'What do I really want out of life?' AARP research shows 70 percent want to continue to work, but they want to do it on their terms."

In addition to an increased reliance on cloud computing, the ways businesses hold meetings are expected to shift to more frequent use of video and web conferencing.