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IT departments holding up businesses from cloud integration

For IT departments and technology gurus, cloud computing is mostly common sense. An increase in the number of individuals who are using the cloud for personal reasons has made the phenomenon boom and as more cloud services are available, more and more businesses have been looking to jump on board. But, the technology is so relatively new, though, that many business owners and managers don't know the first thing about the systems they are looking for.

One of the problems that Geva Perry, author of the blog "Thinking Out Cloud," pointed out in a presentation at February's Cloud Connect forum was that IT departments typically frown on the idea of the cloud, according to InformationWeek.

"The last person you should ask about the cloud computing adoption is the CIO or senior IT executives," Perry said. "Amazon adoption was developer-driven. Amazon understood this and built its service in a very developer-friendly way."

Why is that the case? Well, cloud services give businesses the the ability to essentially outsource their IT staff's responsibilities, according to the news source.

Just like most technologies, cloud computing has a lot of complexities that make it more beneficial and useful, but at the same time, make it more confusing for those who are looking into taking advantage of it for the first time.

Businesses and managers that have considered integrating a cloud system with their current servers should first talk to a professional telecommunications agency. Their consultants can conduct a design and risk assessment of the current systems they have in place, and help company decision makers sort through different solution options to find a cost-effective system that works best with their needs.