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How cloud computing can help businesses innovate at every level

As the number of businesses integrating cloud services into their operations proliferates, the more important it becomes that competitors follow suit. According to a story from InformationWeek, IBM business strategists have agreed that making cloud computing an IT staff initiative should be a top priority for management.

In a survey of 572 business and IT managers conducted by researchers from Economist Magazine and sponsored by IBM, strategists deducted that the cloud opens the door for new business models.

Saul Berman of IBM's global technology services responded to the survey's results, which were released this week, by telling InformationWeek that even organizations that have already experimented with the cloud are only using it to fine-tune the operations they already have in place, rather than taking advantage of the enormous variety of uses it provides and completely restructuring their core strategy.

"Companies worldwide are beginning to recognize cloud's capabilities to generate new business models and promote sustainable competitive advantage," IBM added in the survey's conclusion. "Whether they choose to become optimizers, innovators or disruptors, successful organizations will leverage cloud as a key point of differentiation in driving business value and success."

While only 13 percent of the respondents have "substantially implemented" cloud computing in their organization, the survey concluded that will increase to 41 percent in the next three years.

Because the technology is so new, it wouldn't be wise to make such a large adjustment to a corporation without guidance from an authority on the topic. Businesses that would like to explore how they can remodel their operation around a managed remote access system should have a design and risk assessment conducted by an expert telecommunications agency. With their professional advice, management can innovate their business model in a cost-effective and practical way.