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Frozen goods distributor reaping benefits from cloud collaboration

Different businesses call for different means of organization and structure, but with new communication and collaboration technologies, some enterprises have been able to restructure their core strategy and improve the service they provide.

Global supply chain service Gist Limited, a third party logistics company that specializes in distributing chilled and frozen goods, has taken advantage of business-to-business (B2B) cloud services and as a result, has been able to operate more effectively during seasonal peaks.

Since many of the products Gist delivers are perishable, such as flowers and food, the business sought a better way to collaborate with its clients and keep an appropriate inventory. Using IBM Sterling B2B Integration Services, Gist combined all of its previously disparate internal IT systems into one B2B cloud server that allows the company to facilitate its inventory based on product demand.

"Third party logistics companies deal with a complex network of partners, each with a unique set of requirements, and need real-time visibility into constantly evolving processes," IBM commerce solutions regional leader Ronald Teijken said in a press release. "With these concerns addressed, Gist can now focus on meeting the stringent standards of the food industry, using cloud services to ensure that goods are delivered on time."

By moving IT process integration management into the cloud, Gist has been able to use in-house integration for processes that are critical to the business and customer satisfaction, such as streamlining perishable goods management in the warehouse.

Some of the main advantages of using a shared platform are that it frees Gist from maintaining one of their own, and can be financed based on the the amount of storage it needs at a given time.

Other businesses can similarly benefit from modern telecommunications technology, but should first discuss their many different options with an expert consulting service.