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Cloud convention brings industry innovators together

Since 2008, the annual Cloud Connect convention has served as a forum for executives, IT professionals and developers to collaborate and discuss the transformation the tech community is making with cloud services.

This year, the event will be held at the Santa Clara Convention Center from February 13 to 16 in Santa Clara, California. With cloud technology developing out of its infancy, the 2012 convention will be a little different than in years past.

"Up until this year, the show has tended to be about defining what the cloud is. This year's event is about doing it," Cloud Connect general manager Steve Wylie told InformationWeek.

In order for cloud technology to evolve, the industry must build off of the success stories from businesses that have found innovative ways to take advantage of it. There will be a handful of keynote presentations at this year's convention from industry players that have made the most of what cloud services have to offer.

One of Tuesday's speakers will be Chris Pick from Apptio, a management solutions firm. Pick told the source that many businesses may think they are saving money by using any cloud service without shopping around or getting any consultation from experts.

He explained that a company can only actually save money once it can provide a baseline cost for its current IT services. Once a hard number can be put on the price of its current technology, the company can then look into new ventures.

Business owners and managers that have their own ideas about integrating a cloud system into their own operations should have a design and risk assessment performed by a professional telecommunications agency so they actually save money and chose the right system. There are a lot of aspects in the implementation planning process that should be discussed with experts, especially considering how new the technology is.