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Effectively choosing updated business technology

One of the toughest decisions a business owner can make comes when employees start to complain that the technology they use is outdated and inefficient. Diving in head first with new systems and devices might appease staffer's moods for the time being. But, now, more than ever before, "new" technology becomes archaic at an exponentially escalating pace, which complicates the dilemma even further. If a business plans on investing in new equipment or software, how can it rest assured the venture won't be obsolete in a year?

In the early stages of implementation planning, it would be wise to talk to an experienced consultant that can evaluate specific operations and provide a design and risk assessment. With that expert advice, businesses can make the most cost-effective and practical decision to ensure their investment isn't wasted.

While there are many different specific technologies a business can implement, there are a few simple policies that John Brandon of suggested that management keep in mind when considering what solutions to add to the budget.

♦ Don't forget about the customer. Brandon said that logging client contact information effectively is crucial. "The more information you have about sales contacts, complaints and even former customers the better," he wrote. Keeping all of this data in one place complements web and audio conferencing systems perfectly by making meeting arrangements a simple and stress-free task.

♦ Look to the cloud. When data can only be accessed from one place, the versatility of an operation is exceptionally limited compared to those that use cloud services to make information available everywhere.

♦ Pick the best, not the cheapest. The least costly option is typically such for a reason, Brandon pointed out. By consulting an expert evaluator, a business can learn about the pros and cons of the available solutions, and with that, make an informed decision.