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Delivering cost savings to customers in down economy

Voice and Data Project Yields Significant Savings and Improves Customer Service for Price Chopper

Clifton Park, NY – Ed Degenhart, Partner and Chief Operating Officer of Subsidium Technologies, the Capital District’s leading voice and data technology consulting company, unveiled Subsidium’s pro-growth initiatives for businesses interested in reducing costs and improving their voice and data services in today’s unpredictable economy. Subsidium showcased a project they recently completed for Price Chopper as example of how companies can employ pro-growth strategies even during a down economy.

“In a down economy, many owners and managers are so consumed with trying to retain their current customer-base that they forget to take a look at their mission critical expenses like voice and data networks and service plans,” said Degenhart. “This is a major mistake. In addition to being one of the most important operational components of a business, voice and data networks and service plans are among the largest monthly expenses incurred by today’s businesses. More often than not, there is a large amount of money to be made and saved by making network improvements and negotiating better carrier rates.”

“As telecommunications consultants, we believe that one of the first places that businesses should look to save money and improve services is with their voice and data networks and plans,” said Degenhart. “Too many businesses feel locked in to their telecommunications contracts and inefficient voice and data systems…because of that…they fail to recognize that they can significantly reduce their costs while simultaneously increasing their businesses capabilities by making network improvements and changing carriers.”

A down economy can be the best time for companies to look at their voice and data platforms and service plans to see if they are at a competitive disadvantage and explore possibilities as to how they can become more competitive. A more efficient voice and data system means businesses can better assist current customers and free up time and money to attract new customers.

“We see the current downturn in the economy as a major opportunity for forward-looking companies to increase their market share,” said John Bova, Partner, Subsidium Technologies. “It’s like getting a head start in a race, many of our customers are investing in their voice and data systems or utilizing our services to choose a more cost effective service plans to help them save money and expand their customer-base while their competitors are just riding out the storm.”

Degenhart and Bova both pointed to the Price Chopper project as a perfect example of what companies can do during a slowdown in the economy to improve their business and reduce recurring costs. Subsidium was able to help Price Chopper install its new state-of-the-art data center by developing a comprehensive plan that leveraged several technologies and carrier options to deliver a reliable, next generation SIP/MPLS network resulting in nearly $360,000 in annual savings. The data center is located in Price Chopper’s new headquarters in Schenectady, NY. The voice and data network includes a robust one gigabyte connection and redundancy capabilities.

There were three significant aspects of the Price Chopper project. The first included the deployment of dark fiber allowing Price Chopper to activate the network capacity when needed as opposed to a fixed capacity service platform – saving $8,000 per month. Next, Subsidium helped Price Chopper deploy a microwave-based backup system as opposed to a land-based fiber system providing reliability and protection from events that would potentially shut down more conventional wired networks. Finally, Subsidium recommended using a versatile VOIP/convergence connection (dynamic T1 w/ SIP) as opposed to a conventional POTS line system which tends to be expensive, inefficient, and static.

The Price Chopper project utilized Subsidium’s experience in network architecture, ability to manage complex telecommunications projects and inside knowledge of procuring low-cost voice and data service plans.

Subsidium Technologies’ is a leader in designing state-of-the-art voice and data networks and with over two decades of telecommunications experience they have helped save their clients millions of dollars in voice and data carrier costs.

Edwin H. Degenhart is a Managing Partner and Chief Operating Officers of Subsidium Technologies, Inc. Mr. Degenhart is responsible for developing and overseeing Subsidium’s market strategy, sales, service delivery, and customer retention.