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Honest and unbiased approach…

Contact any carrier directly and their representative will readily communicate a canned company story, including their list of Fortune 500 clients, and how their products are the best in the world. Wouldn’t you rather have an industry veteran listen to your needs and offer an unbiased perspective?

At Subsidium we offer customers ability to gain honest insight into every major telecommunications service provider and understand the strengths and weaknesses of each. At Subsidium Technologies we believe there is no need for sales pitch, we simply draw upon decades of industry experience and present which carriers and technologies are right for your business.

Single point of contact…

Getting telecommunications proposals and quotes can be a time consuming and frustrating process. At Subsidium Technologies, we will be your single point of contact and do the work for you. We draw on over two decades of experience and forty different service providers to provide the solution that best fits your business needs and budget. Whether those needs are met by a single or multiple carriers ,Subsidium Technologies will serve as your single point of contact to deliver the right solution for your business.

We build relationships…

Difficult economic times combined with an array of mergers & acquisitions only add to the high turnover rate of carrier account managers, making it almost certain they won’t last the term of your telecommunications contract. How many times do you want to explain your business and its telecommunications needs to your service providers?

Our loyal staff have been with us for almost a decade ensuring our customers have a team who understands their business, people, and communication services.


Today’s carriers provide very little customer care for services that are vital to your business. In a measure to cut cost and do more with less, carriers have outsourced many core processes essential to ordering, provisioning, and support. How much time do you have to chase carriers for billing and service problems?

We treat every customer’s need as if it were our own. Our team holds itself to a high standard managing every issue we are tasked with until we achieve the desired result.

Ever-changing technology…

We are continuously educating ourselves on the technological advances of each carrier being mindful of their strengths and weaknesses, so we can provide measurable comparisons to our customers. This affords our customers with the ability to make informed decisions about the technologies that can drive value to their bottom line. Conversely, our guidance will shield customers from adopting technologies that are not market proven and could potentially cripple their business.

We are committed to your success…

Carriers account executives are driven by quota pressure to bring in new business leaving little time to support customers beyond the initial sale. Despite their best intentions, the relationship with a customer is concentrated around contract signatures, because that’s how they are compensated. Ever feel abandoned when you needed help…that won’t happen at Subsidium Technologies.

Subsidium Technologies is compensated by a small percentage of our customers’ monthly billings over the life of the contract. It is in our best interest to do everything we can to keep our customers happy and successful…just ask them.

Better Pricing & Contract Terms

Carrier sales representatives would have customers believe that as direct employees they can secure the best pricing. In contracting, direct sales representatives are taught and paid to maximize the term and volume commitments of your contracts in order to maximize revenue and preclude customers from displacing any services over the term.

Our expert consultants have years of industry experience – we know what the carriers know – the difference is that we work for you. We can always secure the same pricing from carriers, but more often than not we deliver better pricing. Additionally, we negotiate favorable terms and volume commitments.