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Telephony Consolidation & DID aggregation for Global Manufacturer

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Telephony Consolidation & DID aggregation for Global Manufacturer

The Challenge

A leading manufacturer of protective industrial products was relocating its headquarters to Albany, NY. The company wanted to take this opportunity to overhaul their communications network and telephony infrastructure company wide. Their goal was to leverage new technology to centralize resources, reduce costs, and improve their communications network.

The Solution

Subsidium Technologies was engaged to review current telecom assets and develop a plan. After assessing the currently topology, Subsidium designed and delivered a private MPLS network combined with centralized telephony infrastruc- ture and telephone number aggregation. We implemented diverse carrier fiber to support the MPLS, SIP, and Internet services.

The Return

  • Improved operational efficiency through centralization of resources.
  • Reduction in telephony infrastructure costs by implementing SIP/MPLS service. l Improved reliability of service with Fiber & Carrier diversity.
  • Gained greater control over telephony routing with portal control.

Leveraging the extensive industry knowledge and experience of Subsidium, the customer was able to build a next generation communications network while reducing overall costs.

SIP/MPLS dynamic for $3B Grocery Retail Enterprise

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The Challenge

A $3B Grocery Retailer in the northeast was seeking to reduce costs, improve reliabilityandimprovecontroloveritstelecommunicationsassets. Theretailer maintained the typical telecommunications footprint in the stores with a T1 for data and analog lines for voice. In the course of building a datacenter, they were seeking to maximize redundancy for improved network reliabil- ity.

The Solution

Partnering with Subsidium, the retailer was able to develop and execute a detailed plan that leveraged several technologies to deliver a reliable, next generation network, at an optimal price. Starting with stores, we worked with the carrier and the customer’s telephony vendor to reduce the number of analog lines with a migration to dynamic SIP/MPLS service. Additionally, we diversified the allocation of stores to carrier points of presence and edge routers. At the customer’s data center, we delivered diverse fiber paths’ combined with wireless Microwave access service to support the MPLS and company headquarters.

The Return

  • Significant Reduction in Analog Lines with dynamic SIP/MPLS service.
  • Elimination of higher switched usage costs with converged implementation.
  • Improved diversification of service with Fiber, Microwave, and Carrier diversity.
  • Gained greater control over telephony routing with portal control.

Working closely with the customer and its vendors streamlined the process of design, selection and implementation of the converged communications network. This yielded the customer an innovative solution with greater reliability, more control and lower cost.

SIP for Enterprise Contact Center

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SIP for Enterprise Contact Center

The Challenge

The largest provider of campsite reservations in North America, changed ownership and had to deploy new IP telephony equipment and carrier services to support over 3+ million callers into their nationwide contact centers. The customer desired to improve cost and control of call flows while integrating more advanced telephony technologies.

The Solution

Subsidium Technologies was engaged early on to collaborate with the customer
and their preferred telephony vendor to ensure we found the right carrier for their needs. To accommodate more control over call flows, Subsidium assisted the customer to become their own Toll Free Responsible Organization. Subsequently, we designed and delivered high capacity SIP connections over diverse fiber providers to ensure maximum reliability. Finally, we leveraged our market knowledge to deliver the most competitive pricing available for Toll Free services from a tier one carrier.

The Return

  • Reduced Costs for Toll Free Services
  • Increased Call Capacity & Diversity
  • Gained greater control over calls with Resporg Services l Employed pioneering technology to improve efficiency

Working closely with the customer afforded us the ability to streamline the process of selection and implementation of the proposed solution. This yielded the customer an innovative solution with more control and lower cost.

What to Think About Before You Move to the Cloud

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Click here for a Subsidium case study on moving to the cloud!

Is Your Data Safe If Disaster Strikes?

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Do you have a recovery plan in place in case of a disaster? If not, are you prepared to deal with IT downtime and data loss? According to the US Small Business Department, 56% of North American enterprises don’t have a comprehensive disaster recovery plan in place – and 25% of businesses do not re-open after a major disaster.

Make sure this doesn’t happen to you. To ensure that you are prepared in the event of a disaster, you’ll need a partner who can provide you with a disaster recovery plan, backup and restoration – assuring business continuity for you.


We outperform the competition. UnitedLayer has Tier 3 Data Centers with the highest levels of infrastructure redundancy, security, and operational reliability, guaranteeing industry-leading uptime and extreme connectivity. Additionally, our expert staff provides around-the-clock support.


Your data is safe with us. Our data centers employ a five-point security system, including biometric access so you can be assured the only people touching your equipment have been fully vetted and authorized. Our San Francisco facility is built on bedrock and holds emergency fuel contracts to guarantee your data’s protection in the case of a natural disaster.

Disaster Recovery

We have you covered. We provide complete end-to-end service where we work with you to conduct a thorough discovery process to analyze your requirements and create a customer disaster recovery plan. Our Data Replication and SAN Replication Services guarantee continuous data backup protection and near zero restore time. Our team of experts can be integrated into your IT department during critical events. 

Learn more about why businesses are choosing UnitedLayer for their disaster recovery solutions;  Rakesh Agrawal, EVP of Blackstone Technology Group. Blackstone is a global IT and business consulting firm providing cloud services and cloud hosted software for the oil and gas industry. Blackstone selected UnitedLayer as its DR provider because of UL’s agility, responsiveness and enterprise-class, highly secured solutions.

Watch this video to learn more about disaster recovery:

A Lesson In Hybrid Hosting from Subsidium Technologies, United Layer

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Hi ! For your lesson today, download UnitedLayer’s Guide to Hybrid Hosting by answering a few questions so that we can understand your needs better.

What is Hybrid Hosting?

Hybrid hosting uses the optimal infrastructure for each application and combines them in a single unified environment. This comprehensive IT infrastructure can talk as “one”.

How to know if a hybrid hosting solution is right for you.

Each business’ IT scenario is different, and therefore, so is the hosting solution.  Hybrid hosting allows you to tailor-make a solution based on your specific needs. Hybrid solutions can cover a wide variety of scenarios including:

  • Custom hardware: You have a server or a piece of hardware that can’t be put in the cloud
  • Disaster recovery needs: You need a solid disaster recovery solution where you can keep your production environment on-site while keeping a recovery environment in a private cloud. If disaster strikes, the business is protected.
  • Fixed resources for regular workloads with the ability to deal with unexpected spikes in traffic: A large portion of the your infrastructure could be on a long-term private cloud, but you could have periods where you need to scale up fast, leveraging a highly secured enterprise public cloud.

How to find the right hybrid hosting partner for you

Creating a true hybrid cloud requires expertise in networking, storage and compute, security, virtualization, operating systems, application levels and software solutions, and also requires 24/7 support. The ability to bring all of this together is what makes UnitedLayer stand out.

One partner, endless capabilities – UnitedLayer is your hybrid cloud expert, developing unique hybrid hosting solutions for government, enterprise, SMB and start-ups. We work with our channel partners to create complete hybrid cloud solutions for even the most unique hosting situations. Our expertise lies in our ability to bring together your hosting requirements and build an intricate, comprehensive package for you.

To find out more about how your organization can benefit from working with a hybrid hosting expert, read UnitedLayer’s Guide: Hybrid Infrastructure Presents the Oppportunity to Get the Best of All Worlds.

The guide will cover:

  • How hybrid hosting can give you the best of all worlds
  • The questions to ask to identify what infrastructure types could be in your hybrid infrastructure environment?
  • How to find the right fit in a hosting provider
  • How to take advantage of the many benefits of hybrid hosting

To complete Lesson 2, fill out this form and get your free eBook:
Hybrid Infrastructure Presents the Opportunity to Get the Best of All Worlds